How to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Pool This Summer

Are you a pool owner who is also a parent? If you are, you want your pool to be a fun and safe place for your children to hangout this summer. The good news is that doing so isn’t as hard as it may sound.

Most importantly, you need to always monitor and supervise your children when they are in the pool. For children who don’t know how to swim, you should be right in the pool alongside them. Even those who have had swimming lessons still need constant supervision when in the water.

One easy step that you can take to practice summer pool safety is to keep a telephone nearby. This is helpful for a number of different reasons. First, it allows you to quickly call for help in the event of an emergency. It can also help to reduce those emergencies. If you receive a phone call, having the phone by the pool will allow you to take the call, but without having to leave those in the water unsupervised. If you need to buy a cordless phone, standard phones start selling at around $20.

In addition to a telephone, there are other pool safety items that you will want to keep by the pool. These items include a pool safety hook and a life preserver. Know, however, that these items should only be used as a last resort. When a child is in danger, the best thing is to have an adult jump in.

Speaking of what to do when faced with a pool accident, it is always risky when children are in the water. If you are parent, you are encouraged to learn CPR. If you don’t already know, take a training class. These classes are offered for affordable rates and possibly even free of charge by many non-profit organizations, such as the Red Cross.

As previously stated, having a life preserver on hand is recommended. This should be kept separate from many similar looking pool toys. As for those toys and accessories, you should proceed with caution. Some items, such as swimsuits with built in floaters, arm floaties, and body rings, are marketed as floating devices. While they do float, they should not replace supervision. Any child who cannot swim or stay afloat on their own, should always be within the reach of an adult.

In keeping with pool toys and accessories, remove them from the pool. This is particularly true with ride on toys that look like fun for toddlers and preschoolers. If you have a pool house, store and lock all pool toys and accessories inside. If not, deflate the blowup toys and store them with others in a large, yet secure bin. This should help to reduce the temptation and attractiveness of a swimming pool.

Aside from constant supervision, one of the best ways to keep your kids safe this summer pool season is to install a fence around your swimming pool. Many states require that all pool owners do so. With that said, a fence should be installed, even when not required by law. Pool accidents, such as drowning, do occur when the pool is in use, but most fatalities occur when it is not. If your child wanders from your sight, a fence can keep them away from your pool. Once a fence is installed, keep the gate closed and locked at all times.

If you are not a pool owner right now, but looking to become one, you will need to decide on a point of installation. Whether you are looking to buy an inground pool, aboveground pool, large inflatable pool, or even just a kiddie pool, put it a safe distance away from your home. Children are more likely to suffer from accidental fall ins when the swimming pool is located close to the home. The act itself also happens faster when a child doesn’t have to walk far.


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    Parents should look after their kids at all times to prevent any accident.

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